Dear Editors, Publishers and Journal Executives,

This announcement intends to provide preliminary information about developing TR Dizin databases and TR Dizin process management system [Online Journal Monitoring System (ODİS)] software.

There are currently databases in 5 different subtopics under ULAKBİM TR Dizin and browsing is available while processes (uploading journal application, assessment, volume and reviewer reports in pdf, journal actions after acceptance etc.) can be executed through ODİS. We have been working for more than one year to develop software in an attempt to develop database and process management modules and offer better services.

TR Dizin will maintain its name and serve as “National Citation Index” where citation and bibliometric measurements are also provided. The process management module, which will also maintain the name of ODIS with new upgrades, focused upon a software that has eliminated the deficiencies and reduced the problems and automated the actions to the extent possible. It is planned to be commissioned between 25 June and 15 July 2018 depending on the software development efforts.

During the commissioning of ODİS, journal information in the former system will be transferred to the new system after which the first action (reviewer report, volume pdf upload, information update etc.) to be performed by all journal users registered on the system will be directed to the new system where they will be asked to update their registration for one time only.

The most important issue in updating the registration is that all journals registered on the system (in status of acceptance, monitoring, pending or rejection etc.) must mark all fields in the attached form and the journal must include mandatory fields as required in the criteria. Such fields must not be left blank and if missing/wrong information is provided, the applications, assessment stages and acceptance statuses of journals shall be suspended.

Therefore, it is highly important for you to correct such mistakes, if any, as specified in the attached pdf file below in the first volume of your journal to be published.

Regional training meetings are planned to be organized in Ankara before commissioning the new system and in different regions following the commissioning.

We will keep you updated about any developments.