This clarification text has been issued by TUBITAK ULAKBIM under the capacity of data controller in accordance with the Communique on the Procedures and Principles on Fulfilling the Obligation of Clarification and Article 10 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data Nr. 6698.

This Clarification Text intends to specify the terms and conditions on the use of personal data either shared with our Organization by platform members/visitors (academicians, authors, editorial directors, researchers, ULAKBIM TR Dizin experts, committee members) (members of journal evaluation board as per TR Dizin criteria) collectively referred to as the “Data Subject”) in the course of operating the website under domain and mobile application platforms or processed by our Organization during the use of the Platform by the Data Subject.

TUBITAK ULAKBIM offers TR Dizin service in compliance with the international standards for the purposes of developing products that will reflect the scientific knowhow of Türkiye and providing the researchers with electronic access to national and scientific contents. National and peer-viewed academic journals, which are elected based upon journal evaluation criteria, are indexed within the scope of TR Dizin, and access is given not only to bibliographical information about the articles included in the journals (name of article, author, and metadata fields such as attributes) but also to the full texts of articles on the website in accordance with the agreement on permission for participation between the directorate of ULAKBIM and journal editorial offices. Furthermore, access to bibliographies and full texts is also offered to the projects that are promoted in the context of the Support Program for Increasing Research and Development Potential of universities as carried out by TUBITAK ARDEB (Academic Research Funding Programmes Directorate) depending on the durations of permission and embargo by Project Coordinators and as communicated by the Directorate of ARDEB.

TR Dizin enables that the data flow between editorial directors, ULAKBIM TR Dizin experts, committee members, and users is executed and shared electronically while offering swift access to the journals /TUBITAK projects under the scope of TR Dizin.

The personal data of the relevant parties as listed below are collected, processed, and transferred, in verbal, written, or electronic form, through automated or non-automated methods and similar means either directly from the data subjects or all governmental agencies of the State of the Republic of Türkiye or all national and international institutions and organizations that TUBITAK ULAKBIM works in cooperation with. The details related thereto are provided below:

Type of User (Researcher, Editorial Director),

Name and Surname,
E-Mail address,
GSM phone number,
Telephone number,
TR Identity Number,
Subject Area (Science, Social),
Country, City, District, Street

The personal data that you have shared within the scope of TR Dizin will be registered, stored, logged, kept, classified for legal/scientific/financial reasons and needs, and updated unto our systems (in any language) and may be disclosed to any domestic natural and legal persons, classified, reported, shared and processed by our Organization acting under the capacity of Data Controller if and when needed within legal boundaries to the extent permitted by the legislation pursuant to the legal reasons stipulated in the provisions of Article 6 and provided that “data processing is mandatory for the data controller to fulfill its legal obligations” and “data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller and without prejudice to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject” pursuant to the Article 5 of KVKK in order to enable TR Dizin to fulfill its purposes of foundation as specified above.

Your data shall be stored for the legal data retention period, or if no such retention time is stipulated, for a certain period as required for the purpose of processing and shall be deleted from data flows by our Organization either by erasing or anonymization (the process of making personal data unattributable to any identified or known natural person under any circumstance even through matching with other data) methods once such period expires.

Information, announcements, notices, information requests, and promotions about organizational processes and TR Dizin may be delivered to relevant parties via e-mails and phone numbers who have given their explicit consent thereto.

Pursuant to the Article 11 of KVKK, you are entitled to apply to our Organization and
a) learn if your data is processed,

b) request information, if processed,

c) know the purpose of processing and if your data is used for intended purposes,

d) know 3rd parties, either domestic or foreign, to whom your data is transferred,

e) request for correction of incomplete or incorrect information,

f) request the deletion/destruction of your data as per the requirements stipulated in Article 7 of KVKK,

g) demand to be informed about the transactions performed as per clauses (d) and (e) listed above to the 3rd parties that your data has been transferred to,

h) objection to any conclusions against your party through the analysis of your data only through automatic systems, and

i) have the right to claim the recovery of losses, in cases where you suffer any damages or losses due to illicit processing.