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Frequently Asked Questions

A new ISSN and / or e-ISSN (International Standard Serial / Electronic Serial Number) should be obtained from the ISSN Portal of Libraries and Publications General Directorate of the Ministry of Culture (before the first issue for the journal to be published in printed format, after the first issue for the journal to be published in electronic format) and it should be indicated on the outside cover, preferably on the upper right, and on the inside cover, together with information about the journal and in a place easily visible on the web page.

You do not need permission to link any web page to TR Dizin.

Yes. The DergiPark Project conducted by ULAKBIM provides hosting and process management services for academic journals. TR Dizin is a different platform where scientific journals that meet certain criteria are indexed. Therefore, the application must be submitted separately through the TR Dizin to initiate the indexing process of the journal in the TR Dizin.

No, journals are re-evaluated periodically by the Committee. The journal that does not meet the criteria is removed from the index and monitored for at least one year.