Post-Application Processes and Journal Evaluation Procedures

The process of the publication starts after the journal information is filled out. Its application shall be completed after at least one issue and the peer-review reports specified in the criteria are submitted. The journals whose applications have been approved shall be monitored for at least one (1) year, 2 (two) years for newly-published journals, as of the submission date of the first issue and peer-review reports, for regular publication/submission and completion of deficiencies in the criteria other than the application conditions, if any. During the monitoring process;

  1. Journals published for a long time may upload PDFs of the issues of the previous year at most, as of the application date by logging into ODIS with the user name and password specified in the “Editor Application Form”.
  2. PDFs of the issues to be published (including the outside cover, inside cover, and contents page) must be uploaded to ODIS within 1 month, and for electronic journals only, the parts that are missing from the above mentioned sections must be accessible from the web page.
  3. The Pdf contents of the issue must be copyable.
  4. The data file must be submitted in the xml standard of the issue or article information must be entered.
  5. When submitting the first issue of the new year, the issues of the accepted and rejected articles in the previous year, if any, must be entered. If possible, it is suggested to submit an excel spreadsheet with the title of the article, name of the author(s), date of delivery, acceptance/rejection status and date.
  6. After the application is approved, the journal issues and peer-review reports specified in the Journal Evaluation Criteria should continue to be uploaded. If any of these are missing, your journal will not be included in the evaluation process and will be rejected for the related year. Please make timely and regular uploads.
  7. At the end of the monitoring period, a preliminary evaluation of the journal is conducted by TR Index experts. As a result of the preliminary evaluation, necessary suggestions/warnings are provided to the journals with determined deficiencies. Journals may be rejected during the preliminary evaluation phase due to deficiencies regarding the basic quality and quantity issues. If not, journals whose monitoring process is completed are submitted for committee evaluation.
Post-Application Processes and Journal Evaluation Procedures
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