In order for the journal to be evaluated within the scope of TR Index, a user account must be created via the “Editor Application Form” by the journal owner, publisher and/or editor through ULAKBIM Online Journal Monitoring System (ODIS).

  1. Before applying for the TR Index, please read the “Prerequisites for TR Index Journal Application” and “TR Index Journal Evaluation Criteria”. Applications for journals that do not meet the conditions and criteria are rejected. Applying after completing the missing information will reduce loss of time and effort.
  2. The application form for TR Index consists of fields such as “Editor”, “Journal”, “Publisher”, “Contact” and “Other” information about the journal.
  3. All procedures related to the process management for TR Index are carried out through the Online Journal Monitoring System (ODIS). Therefore, all information in the above-mentioned fields must be accurate, clear and complete.
  4. Missing and/or incorrectly filled parts will adversely affect your journal application and may prevent communication with you for contact purposes. Please provide accurate and complete information.