1. The announcement of the peer-reviewer list is at the discretion of the journal editor, however it is suggested that a list by issue/volume/year be provided,
  2. It is suggested that article titles be provided in Turkish and English in the “Contents” page of the journal,
  3. It is suggested that a plagiarism program be used and announced in the journal and/or website,
  4. It is suggested that the abbreviation of the name of the journal be indicated in the journal,
  5. It is suggested that the title, abstract and keywords be published in the journal in a language other than the article language in order to increase the impact of the articles in national and international fields.
  6. It is suggested that the journal include detailed information about the journal publishing process and policy (such as open access information, pricing policy, if any, article review period and process) under the title of “publication policy”.
  7. It is suggested that a statement regarding the contribution rate of the researchers, a statement of support and acknowledgment, if any, and a Conflict of Interest Statement be submitted at the end of the article.
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