Evaluating Compilation Journals and Supplement/Special Issues

“Compilation journals” and “Supplement/special issues”, which have not been evaluated within the scope of TR Dizin Medicine Database, will be evaluated as from 2016 pursuant to the decision taken by the Medicine Database Committee dd. 21.03.2016 and nr. 140 basing upon the following criteria:


  • Journal must only publish compilation article and this must be specified on the journal.
  • Such journals must meet with all criteria other than that related to “the number and percentage of research paper” from TR Dizin criteria.
  • However, no peer-review will be stipulated for “invited compilations”.


  • Supplement/special issue: issues of a journal that are published in supplement to the periodical issues published on regular basis.
  • Supplement/special issues, context-specific or congress notifications must be evaluated if published according to article writing rules.
  • Supplement/special issues are under the responsibility of journal editor. Spelling rules and policies of journal also apply to these issues. Supplement/special issues may feature guest editors.
  • Page numbers in supplement/special issue must be numbered different from periodical issues in a year.
Evaluating Compilation Journals and Supplement/Special Issues
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