Committee Evaluation Processes

Committee evaluation is carried out using general publishing principles, journal evaluation criteria, peer-review reports and preliminary evaluation forms.

  1. The committee members will evaluate the journal’s;
    • Compliance with Research and Publication Ethics,
    • Peer-review evaluation system, contribution of peer-reviewing, adequacy of reports, effectiveness, content quality etc.
    • Editorial board quality, competence, contribution, independence, publication accuracy (language and spelling), product accuracy (in terms of typesetting, etc.), international and geographic representation of the journal (reviewers, advisory and editorial board) competent names, etc.
    • Formal features of articles, compliance with spelling rules, accuracy of article sources and conformity to standards, article title, abstract and keyword quality.
  2. Committee members may request additional information and documents if they do not consider the existing documents sufficient in the committee evaluation process.
Committee Evaluation Processes
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