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ÜAK Doçentlik Başvuruları

Üniversitelerarası Kurul (ÜAK) Doçentlik Başvurularında Yer Alan "ULAKBİM tarafından taranan ulusal hakemli dergiler, "TR Dizin Dergi Listesi" nde ...

TR Dizin Yeni Arayüzü Hakkında

Değerli araştırmacılar, editörler ve ULAKBİM Paydaşları, TR Dizin yeni arayüzü hizmete sunulmuştur. İki ana kısımdan oluşan ...

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is TR Index?

    TR Index developed by TUBITAK ULAKBIM is a bibliographic / full text database containing articles in the fields of Science and Social Sciences.

  • What is the purpose of TR Index?

    Bringing scientific journals originating from Turkey in compliance with international standards, and providing access to the content in these journals.

  • Why should a scientific journal appear in TR Index?

    A journal should appear in TR Index for it facilitates access to academic information produced in Turkey, increases the visibility of the journal and is an “index” accepted by the Higher Education Council (YOK) and the Inter-University Council (IUC) for appointments and promotions.

  • Where can the first application be made to TR Index?

    The application that includes introductory information about the journal should be submitted through the Online Journal Monitoring System (ODIS) and the information should be updated as soon as there is a change (such as editor, journal URL address, and contact information changes).

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